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FibreJoy in action on a cold Saturday

My Ravelry alter ego, FibreJoy, has been busy today. It’s so cold and windy outside, that I preferred to stay home making things.

I finished a second cushion for our sofa and I really like the results. I’ve used 2 upholstery Jacquard fabrics, one in dark brown with flowers embroidered and another one in light brown, with a diamond motif. I have also added a zipper, so it can be easily opened to wash the fabric. Here they are:

In the process of making the second cushion

In the process of making the second cushion

In the process of making the second cushion

In the process of making the second cushion

In the process of making the second cushion

In the process of making the second cushion






The other thing I’ve started today was knitting the ‘Button-Up Neck Warmer’, which is a wrap-style neck scarf with a button closure. The thing is that Spin-Off magazine has a contest to knit up this pattern they’ve published in their Summer edition, and send pictures and details of the spinning project. The neck warmer has to be made up of 100% handspun yarn, and you can knit the small or the large version. The model in the first picture of the article is wearing the large size, which I think is pretty big, so I am making the smaller one. The other reason is that I will finish it up sooner!

I’ve only known about this contest yesterday, because even though I have the magazine, I did not see the ‘Call for Submissions’ small section they’ve added to the article that shows the pattern and talks about the project. I am thinking of entering this contest, even though it is really late; pictures and details of the project must be sent by November 9, 2009!

I am using the 2-ply of the Merino custom blend I got at the Black Lamb to knit it. I am swatching now, and the pattern is not complicated, so maybe I will have time to finish it up and send it!

If not, I will finish it anyway, the pattern is really pretty. It has a ‘slip 2 purlwise, with yarn forward’ every few stitches, which gives it a very textured fabric.

This is a swatch I am knitting:





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The colours of the Fall in North York

My favorite colours, red, yellow, fading greens…








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My first Sarubobo

This week I’ve found the blog of a Japanese crafter called Mai. She sews everything she makes by hand and is very creative. Her art is very subtle and beautiful.

She posted instructions on how to make Sarubobos, or Japanese dolls. She usually makes the tiny doll and adds it to different things, like purses, hair bands, bags, etc.

They are just ridiculously cute! Take a look at her blog: Mairuru. And check out her Etsy shop: Mairuru’s Etsy shop. She uses the cutest Japanese fabrics!

And take a look at what I know will be my first Sarubobo, as more little friends will follow. I just need to finish the closing of the belly better, probably using invisible/hidden stitch or something like that, because this first little guy looks like he just left the hospital after stomach surgery…


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Now IT IS a finished object (FO)

I had knitted this Cable Bag a while ago, and now I’ve added a lining, so I can use it in the fall and winter. The yarn is yummy Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky Yarn – M240 in Prairie Goldenrod colourway, that I got at Lettuce Knit. I loved knitting it, as it was my first multi-cable project, and I LOVE bags, so it was like falling in love with the project twice.

For the lining, I’ve used a cotton fabric with a floral and musical theme, and I split the interior pocket stitching in the middle of it, so I have two pockets.

Cable bag with musical theme lining

Cable bag with musical theme lining


Cable bag with musical theme lining
Cable bag with musical theme lining
Cable bag with musical theme lining

I’ve made the handles following the instructions for the “Summer Bag and Purse” project on Jeannette Trotman’s book “Easy Knitted Accessories”, which involves knitting them lengthwise, then picking up the cast-on stitches while binding off. That way you get very flexible handles, that are not too stretchy.


Also, I’ve just discovered that the designer of the cable bag, Linda Cyr, has put a free pattern download on the Vogue Knitting website: . I think you need to subscribe to that site to have access to the free patterns.

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A 2-ply that is worth the effort

I finished winding the custom blend colours of the superwash merino I got a the Black Lamb.

These were the singles, and the 2-ply totally worked:

300 gr of superwash merino

300 gr of superwash merino

Here it is:

Superwash merino

Superwash merino

I might be getting some more fibre, so I can knit something big like a sweater… just not sure yet.

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