‘Sew’ cute…

I’ve finished 2 project bags. One is the design of a knitting bag created by one of my favorite knitwear designers, Tora Froseth, from Norway. By the way, check out her new Design website! Tora Froseth Design. Remember I’ve used 2 of her beautiful patterns to make the ‘Angle’ cardigan, and the ‘Little Sister’s dress’ for Tasha?


Fall 2009 158

Fall 2009 162

Fall 2009 206

The second one is the cute Linen Envelope Bag, featured on ‘Making Handbags and Purses’ by Carol Parks.


And here you can see both of them. No need to say I just love those fabrics! They are a floral print in cotton and a linen/cotton blend in beige.

For the knitting bag, I’ve used the floral print for the outside, the linen/cotton for the top and bottom of the zipper, and another cotton in light yellow and beige for the lining. And for the Linen Envelope Bag, I used the floral print for the lining and the small 2 triangles, and the linen for the exterior.



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