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Baby jacket and hat

I really like knitting for babies and kids. The projects are quick and as a crafter, you get instant gratification, while you are giving something pretty and handmade to a little one!

This is a baby jacket with matching hat in yummy Lamb’s Pride Worsted from Brown Sheep in 2 different shades of green. For this set, we will have to wait the baby to be born, which will happen in a few months:


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Pamina behaves very well in its bag

I am preparing my wheel and fibre for a spinning gathering. I love Lauren’s bag and the way I feel my wheel is secured in it.

Off we go…

(Can you tell I love taking pictures of my wheel and bag and showing them off ?)

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Handspinning, knitting and sewing… all in one!

Hi there, a friend was asking me about a good way to mix different crafts skills in one item or garment, so today I am showing some pictures of the ‘Button-Up neck Warmer’ by Mavis Adam, published in Spin-off magazine, Summer 2009, that I finished a few months ago.

I did not make it on time for the contest that the magazine was running, to have the finished neck warmer published on a 2010 issue, but I am really happy with the results nevertheless.

I started with a beautiful dark pink superwash merino fibre that I got at The Black Lamb in Port Hope, Ontario. Then I spun the fibre and did a 2-ply to get gauge. I then knitted it mostly following the pattern on the magazine, but did not like how the wrong side looked very much, so I decided to sew a floral cotton print.

I have also added some fabric covered buttons, that I made using the same fabric. Here are some pictures of how the project developed:

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Honey raspberry … mmmhhh…

Because Spring started with cold days here in Toronto (we even got a bit of flurries yesterday!), I wanted to spice up my crafty weekend with some colourful spinning. I’ve finally jumped into spinning the hand-painted Merino Soft ‘Honey Raspberry’ I got from EthnicityGoddess on Etsy. It is a beautiful merino fibre in different shades of reds, burgundies, greens, yellows and brown.

Here is the fibre in its original braid:

Then I split it:

And it is now on my Lendrum:

I then need to find a good project for such beautiful colored fibre!

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Hot off the wheel

Remember this fibre that looked like 200 grams of cotton candy?

Ashford 80% merino and 20% silk

It continued the creative process of being a skein:

Then 3 pretty cakes of yarn:

So… what’s next? Well, I am not sure yet, most probably a pair of mittens and neckwarmer…

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Fibre goodness from the Fibre Garden


These are some pics of the fibre I got at the Fibre Garden in Jordan, Ontario last Sunday, when I went for the spin-in:

First off, my favorite, Jacob fibre dyed by John Valleau -aka ‘THE DYEGUY™ hand-dyed yarns and fibres’-, in a colour he called ‘Heirloom Tomato’, John’s creation -a joy of earthy colours, reds, oranges, and browns. It is just a coincidence the carpet of my craft room has the same lovely colours!

Jacob fibre in 'Heirloom Tomato' colour

Jacob fibre in 'Heirloom Tomato' colour

Jacob fibre in ‘Heirloom Tomato’ colour

Second, about 200 grams of Corriedale in ‘Cheesecake’ colourway. I just love that ochre colour!

Ashford Corriedale in 'Cheesecake' colourway

And last, I got 2 lbs. of beautiful Shetland in its natural brown colour, which will probably end up being a sweater:

Natural brown Shetland

The background of the last picture, is a fibre or knitting bag I’ve made using  the same print cotton that I had picked for the spinning wheel bag I ordered from Lauren, I’ve also used some 100% cotton in beige:

Fibre or knitting bag

Fibre or knitting bag

And speaking of project bags, using the same fabrics, I’ve also sewn a fibre little bag that I hung from my Lendrum when I am spinning. Pretty cute and useful:

Fibre little bag

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Fibre Garden Sunday spin-in

I met a lovely group of spinners from the Niagara region today. John Valleau and Alan McLean, co-owners of Fibre Garden, a new fibre shop in Jordan, Ontario, invited spinners to their Sunday spin-ins, and I reserved my spot through their Ravelry group, Fibre Garden @ Ravelry.

I had a great time spinning and chatting with these lovely people. They provided coffee, tea, cookies and a great ambiance, that inspired us all.

John and Alan have a great selection of fibres. Some of them are hand-dyed by John -aka ‘THE DYEGUY™ hand-dyed yarns and fibres’-, and have beautiful colours and textures. The batts are a dream!

I got 2 bags of natural Shetland, some natural Jacob, a beautiful roving of Jacob in ‘Heirloom Tomato’ colourway, John’s creation -a joy of earthy colours, reds, oranges, and browns. I also got some Corriedale in my favourite ochre/dark yellow. The Jacob fibre -from ‘Jacob sheep’- will be a first for me, I’ve never spun it before. I will most likely be posting pictures of my fibre goodness soon.

There were 2 more Lendrums, one double treadle -like Pamina, my spinning wheel- and another single treadle, a Majacraft Little Gem, 2 Ashfords and a gorgeous and antique Scottish wheel that Jean was using to spin her beautiful hand-dyed fibre.

Here are some pictures I took while I was there:

John explaining a new spindler how to use a drop spindle

John explaining a new spindler how to use a drop spindle

John explaining a new spindler how to use a drop spindle

Miss Rusty is the official customer greeter at the shop

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