Fibre goodness from the Fibre Garden


These are some pics of the fibre I got at the Fibre Garden in Jordan, Ontario last Sunday, when I went for the spin-in:

First off, my favorite, Jacob fibre dyed by John Valleau -aka ‘THE DYEGUY™ hand-dyed yarns and fibres’-, in a colour he called ‘Heirloom Tomato’, John’s creation -a joy of earthy colours, reds, oranges, and browns. It is just a coincidence the carpet of my craft room has the same lovely colours!

Jacob fibre in 'Heirloom Tomato' colour

Jacob fibre in 'Heirloom Tomato' colour

Jacob fibre in ‘Heirloom Tomato’ colour

Second, about 200 grams of Corriedale in ‘Cheesecake’ colourway. I just love that ochre colour!

Ashford Corriedale in 'Cheesecake' colourway

And last, I got 2 lbs. of beautiful Shetland in its natural brown colour, which will probably end up being a sweater:

Natural brown Shetland

The background of the last picture, is a fibre or knitting bag I’ve made using  the same print cotton that I had picked for the spinning wheel bag I ordered from Lauren, I’ve also used some 100% cotton in beige:

Fibre or knitting bag

Fibre or knitting bag

And speaking of project bags, using the same fabrics, I’ve also sewn a fibre little bag that I hung from my Lendrum when I am spinning. Pretty cute and useful:

Fibre little bag


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