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The ‘dry stick’ is waking up!

As people who know us know, we live in an apartment in Toronto. Neither of us ever lived in a house, but we both love to have plants, and back in Buenos Aires our apartment looked more like an urban jungle than a standard city place to live.

I guess we are little by little turning our current home into another garden, and a few days ago, while watering my little green beauties, I noticed that the ‘ginkgo biloba‘ we bought about 2 years ago, and which looked more like a dry stick than a tree, is waking up!

When we bought it during the summer of 2008, it had a few leaves, which according to their own nature, turned from green into that beautiful yellow of the ginkgos, and then fell down.

I like being patient with and taking care of plants, and even though we thought it was a lost cause -after 2 years… you’d think- I guess in the end it paid off.

Today I came back from work feeling really tired, after a hectic week, but looking at this little wonder of Nature, suddenly made me feel relaxed and happy.

Needless to say that this plant is a tree, so unless we move into a house, if this little guy -or girl, not sure about it yet… did you know the ginkgo has 2 different varieties female and male?- continues to grow, we will have to give it to friends who are as much in love with plants as we are, but who also have a garden to take care of it!

Here are a few pictures of our baby ginkgo in all its own growing will and eco-power -bear with me, I am still trying the new Sigma lens on the camera, so my blog looks a lot more colourful than ever-


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Holy batty smock, Robin…!

Little T., our friend’s cutie, turned 4 years old last March and I’ve made a ‘Smock’ for her to wear when she paints at kinder garden. It is a pretty funny pattern that when flat open resembles a bat, then you cross the straps at the back, to put it on.

I’ve put some velcro to hold the straps close to the front, but now I am thinking of asking Tammy, her mum, to give it back to me, so I add buttons to close it, as velcro can be opened very easily when she moves.

I used a solid cotton for the outer side, and a pretty floral cotton print for the lining. I’ve also added a split pocket on the front for her to carry her stuff.

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And now it is ‘Lemon Fizz’… would you like some?


I’ve started spinning the other roving I got from EthnicityGoddess on Etsy.

It is one she called ‘Melon Fizz’, and it is a very pretty superwash merino.

I am not sure what I will be knitting with it after I am done with the spinning, though.

The original roving:

This is the stripped roving, ready to start spinning it:

And it is now on Pamina, my Lendrum:

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A photographic essay on a Sunday

Nothing much to say, other than we had a beautiful sunny day in Toronto. We had lunch with friends and had a great time.

I also got to try a bit more the new lens on the camera, and I am loving it! Now that we came back home, I can show you this:

My favourite fruit


V’s drawing pad

Feet, far and close

First blossoms in our friends’ garden

My cell is old

Glorious blue sky

La terre sur le Ciel

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Playing with a Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens

I have been trying to enhance the quality of the pictures I post on my blog.

I’m in the process of trying different effects and getting pictures that would look more appealing, with a digital camera, but without using Photoshop!

Here are some trials. Click on each of them to see more detail.

1. In the making of a knitting bag that I am using for my projects:

2. And another project bag for small projects:

3. A tote I’ve made using a felted wool fabric and a colorful Japanese-themed cotton print:

4. A beautiful Merino top fibre I have just finished spinning in lace weight:

Now I am trying different settings on the camera for the photos to have more or less depth of field!

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Three pocket scissors case

Hi everybody!

When I started sewing last year, I had made a pretty basic case to hold my scissors and roller cutter.

So because I am sick at home, but my will to make things is somehow healthy and intact, today I used some remaining sewing-themed print cotton fabric and corduroy I had used for my sewing machine case, to make a fancier scissors case. I like how it turned out.

It is basically a rectangle that I folded in a way that resembles a cone. Then I added another triangle to the front, for the smallest scissor. The scissors fit into the pockets perfectly, I just took them out a little bit to take the pictures!

Three pocket scissors case

Three pocket scissors case

Three pocket scissors case

Three pocket scissors case, bobbin box and tomatoe pincushion

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