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Do you know where I can find Mrs. Bigfoot… I have a gift for her

I am making a pair of fabric shoes that can be used as slippers. My source of inspiration was the ‘Room Shoes’ Novita made a few weeks ago.

She followed this pattern, and I figured they would not be TOO difficult to make if I had a basic idea of how to make a basic pair of lined fabric slippers, so I used this other pattern from BurdaStyle.

I love Novita’s version, which has a slightly larger insole.

My first version of the shoes turned out to be too big for me. I used a solid 100% cotton in beige for the exterior, a floral print for the lining, button, and tab, and some felted fabric for the exterior sole.

I had measured the exterior and lining sole to be just a bit larger than my own foot, so I would have a bit of room for the seam allowance.

After I had sewn both the exterior fabric and the lining separately, it looked like the size was right, but interestingly enough, when I sewed both together, it ended up being too large, maybe a couple of numbers bigger than my shoe size. You would think that because of the seams they would be even a bit smaller!

I will be retouching the pattern I used half an inch or so smaller. Here are a few pics of the first shoe for Mrs. Bigfoot, if you can contact her…


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