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Learning how to wear a saree… and loving it!

Last Monday, we had a diversity potluck at work, where people got to dress in traditional clothes and brought delicious dishes from our original countries.

There’s no true traditional Argentinean fashion -unless you want to see me dressed as a ‘gaucho’ from the Argentinean pampas-:

… yeah… I didn’t think so either…

So 2 of my Indian friends from my team offered to bring in sarees and help me  and another girl dress for the event.

I was delighted and enjoyed it so much, that I am seriously thinking of getting a saree and choli -blouse that goes underneath- or then make one for myself. Take a look:

And another picture with some of the Chinese ladies:

The event was a hit, we had so much fun and delicious dishes. I made ‘Panqueques de dulce de leche’, but not everybody got to try them, because it was gone in just a few minutes!

Panqueques de dulce de leche

After a few minutes… this happened!


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Fibre goodness… mmmhhhh… merino and silk

A few weeks ago I got some Ashford Merino/Silk in ‘Cinnamon’ colour, and I have just finished spinning the first 100 grams.

I absolutely love this fibre, so soft and smooth. Remember my ‘sugar candy‘, more of the same fibre in colour ‘Pomegranate’?

I am spinning it in thin singles, but I am not too sure of what I am going to be knitting with it, so I don’t know if I will be doing a 2-ply or a navajo plying to get a 3-ply. That will depend on the pattern I choose.


1. Norwegian designer Tora Froseth’s ‘Roots’, which I got a few weeks ago. I love her very clever use of short rows for the neckwarmer and the mittens to look like roots of trees… lovely. By the way, I love her work! Check out her updated shop here, s’il vous plaît!

2. Another project I would like to start is Torontonian designer Kate Atherley’s lovely ‘Shirakaba Cardigan‘. She named it that way because she used yarn ‘Noro Shirakaba’ for the first time and loved it. This Noro yarn is cotton, silk and wool blend. I think my cardigan might also look pretty in my merino and silk.

3. I am participating in a fibre/handspun yarn swap with a group of Spanish speaking Ravelers, ‘Las Hilanderas’ (The Spinners) (Ravelry link). This is a very interesting group, where fibre lovers who speak Spanish, but otherwise live around the world, work with different types of fibres, not only spinning them, but also dyeing with natural dyes. I think sending yarn handspun using the Ashford fibre can be a pretty gift that a handspinner and knitter might enjoy.

4. … any other ideas?

Oh… and by the way, I have about 400 grams of this lovely fibre, so I will certainly be able to knit more than 1 item!

Look at those colours and the softness… oh… the softness!

Ashford Merino and Silk in 'Cinnamon'

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One socks UFO down… two still remain

While watching Argentina playing with Nigeria at the Soccer World Cup 2010 yesterday, I also finished the second one of my Ribbed Socks.

I like the stretchiness of the yarn I used, Lana Grossa  sock yarn in Marmi colorway (Tan, Brown, Orange). And the bonus was that I still have half a skein to knit another pair of short socks. Just need to find a pattern that is also simple enough not to get in the way of the variegated color.

This was a long wait for the first orphan sock I had finished a long time ago! It’s good to see them together, they look and feel good!

Basic Ribbed Socks - pattern by Kate Atherley

Basic Ribbed Socks - pattern by Kate Atherley

Basic Ribbed Socks - pattern by Kate Atherley with Fabric Shoes

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Sports and crafts on a rainy Saturday

Hi there,

Soccer World Cup 2010 Argentina’s first match finished  -Argentina won 1 to 0 against Nigeria- and I watched it while I was Navajo plying my superwash ‘Melon Fizz’.

Whenever I watch Argentina playing an international match, I get anxious so I HAVE TO do something else at the same time, and what a better thing than doing some handspinning or knitting while I watch the game?

And 2 hours later…

We started watching the third game of the day: England vs. USA, but I did not pay much attention to the match… I was busy finishing the plying, winding and selecting a pattern to use my newly plied yarn.

This is what I chose, the ‘Ruffles Scarf’ by Amanda Blair Brown, published on the  book ‘Scarf Style’. I like the clever effect of the short rows that make up the ruffle. The original scarf on the book is knitted using solid yarn Classic Elite Premiere, but I decided to use my multicolor handspun. We’ll see how it looks after a few rows. This should be a fun project, using fun yarn.

Original picture from the book:

Ruffles scarf - Original

And my first few rows:

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Crazy about bags…? Not me… it’s FibreJoy!

… that’s what I tell my husband whenever he mentions I have made YET another bag…

I’ve made a tote with 2 stretch cottons I bought at Fabricland, Toronto. When I saw them, I thought they could match perfectly and I like the result, in brown and red, with small brown flowers. I am all for warm colours!

I’ve also made square boxed corners, to give it a bit more structure. I’ve put rings to each of the 4 straps, after stitching the straps lengthwise with 3 rows of straight stitch, and splitting them. Also, a small inside pocket and a magnetic snap closure. I added some fusible batting to the wrong side of the exterior fabric and some light-weight interfacing to the lining. Pretty simple tote pattern that I think looks prettier because of the fabrics.

I am thinking of using it to carry books or other reading materials, or then lunch to work.


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If you are a sock knitter… I have a question for you

Do you suffer from ‘second sock syndrome’?

I have several WIP’s (works in progress) and 3 of them are socks.

1. The first pair of socks I learned to knit were the ‘Basic Ribbed Socks’ by Kate Atherley. I knitted the first one during a course I took with Kate, using 2.75mm dpn’s and a pretty Lana Grossa  sock yarn in Marmi colorway (Tan, Brown, Orange). I was all excited about learning new knitting techniques. And being able to knit socks, for a knitter anyway, how cool is that? I finished the first sock, started the second one -yes… I started it!- Here is proof:

2. Then this happened:

Original picture from designer Evelyn A. Clark

I -irremediably- fell in love with the ‘Waving Lace Socks’ by Evelyn A. Clark from ‘Favorite Socks’, Interweave Knits, Spring 2004, and I just had to start knitting them, never having tried lace on a sock before. I used Regia sock yarn in Nordic Color:

And this is the finished orphan sock:

Even the the Yarn harlot held my sock:

3. So… when I thought I was on track to have my first very cool pair of lace socks, these beauties caught my attention:

Original picture of 'Francie socks' from designer Rebekkah Kerner

Original picture of 'Francie socks' from designer Rebekkah Kerner

And this is my first ‘Francie’, about to start the toe and finish, that I am knitting with 2 circulars. I am using ‘On your toes’ 4-ply sock yarn, with aloe vera:

So… yeah… I know… I have no excuse. I just go crazy about trying new beautiful patterns and want to knit them all.

If only I could knit first socks that would match each other … so at least I would be able to wear them in pairs, even if they are orphans…

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Mrs. Bigfoot, you did not contact me… the shoes are all mine

I finally made a new pair of home fabric shoes, using the same fabrics I had for the first version that turned out gigantic.

I really like the pattern and again, I made the insole a bit larger and love it.

For the next pair I make, I will be using a stronger felted fabric for the sole, as the one I’ve used is wearing out pretty quickly, though.

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