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Sports and crafts on a rainy Saturday

Hi there,

Soccer World Cup 2010 Argentina’s first match finished  -Argentina won 1 to 0 against Nigeria- and I watched it while I was Navajo plying my superwash ‘Melon Fizz’.

Whenever I watch Argentina playing an international match, I get anxious so I HAVE TO do something else at the same time, and what a better thing than doing some handspinning or knitting while I watch the game?

And 2 hours later…

We started watching the third game of the day: England vs. USA, but I did not pay much attention to the match… I was busy finishing the plying, winding and selecting a pattern to use my newly plied yarn.

This is what I chose, the ‘Ruffles Scarf’ by Amanda Blair Brown, published on the  book ‘Scarf Style’. I like the clever effect of the short rows that make up the ruffle. The original scarf on the book is knitted using solid yarn Classic Elite Premiere, but I decided to use my multicolor handspun. We’ll see how it looks after a few rows. This should be a fun project, using fun yarn.

Original picture from the book:

Ruffles scarf - Original

And my first few rows:


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