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Baby gift set for a dear friend and how Wilma would have made it

Today’s temperature in Toronto made me want to stay home all day, with a windchill of -35° degrees Celsius, imagine that! So I am spending our Sunday updating my blog, knitting with warm yarn, and possibly watching a movie on TV in the evening.

I attended the baby shower of my dear friend M. yesterday, and gave her a baby gift set I made for her soon-to-be-born baby girl, Virginia. Here are some pictures:

Virginia's baby gift set - Swaddle blanket, bib, 2 burp clothes, diaper pouch

Virginia's baby gift set

Then, while browsing the Net I’ve found an image that made me chuckle and I am sharing it with you. I would love to see that little bird in action doing a zig-zag stitch!

Isn’t it lovely?

Wilma and her avian sewing machine

Have a great Sunday, wherever you are, and if you live in Canada… stay warm!


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