::Steeking is next, but there will also be some sewing::

I’ve finally finished knitting my sweater-soon-to-be-cardigan, that I will be steeking to do the conversion.

You can be honest: what do you see is kind of odd, when you look at it?

Yeah… it is really tight! This Létt-Lopi yarn is so warm, that the sweater is really cozy, but even though I’ve knitted it to my size, it turned out to be a bit small. I washed it and left it for a few hours in water and Eucalan, then the yarn is a lot softer!

It is a good thing that I had plan this to be my first ‘steek’ project, so what I am planning to do next is, after I cut it in the middle front, I will be adding 2 strips of fabric on either side of the zipper and the edges. At least the body will be a bit more comfortable, and I will have to live with the sleeves turning tight… oh well…

This is a detail of the colourwork on the yoke, which as I said before, is a bit dull, as the green kind of looses itself in the surrounding grey:

But anyway… I am happy with the idea of having a grey cardigan that will be the result of steeking a sweater with colourwork. Now I am off to find a pretty fabric that matches to sew on the front!


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    Ann said,

    Your cardi is gorgeous. Lopi is my favorite wool!

    I managed to add about 2″ to the circumference of my steeked Lopi cardigan by making a wide button band. Check out my blog for more info. Lopi has a lot of give. My cardigan has become bigger with wear, and it was a bit tight at first.

    All that to say, I think there’s hope for yours! It’s lovely!

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