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::Birdie Sling shoulder bag::

I’ve finished the Birdie Sling shoulder bag and really like the results. I love making bags, and this was no exception! After finishing it, I was kind of expecting my husband would say to me:

– Oh boy… yet another bag!

But this time he said:

– Oh boy… that’s the prettiest bag you’ve made so far!

It is an easy pattern that involves some basic techniques, and since the original pattern produces a very big bag, I’ve decreased the size about 25%, to get a smaller one. I had seen some pictures of other people’s Birdie Slings and always found that it was too big for my liking.

The only thing I did differently from the pattern -other than decreasing the size-, was that I sewed a zippered inner bag pocket, instead of a big regular one. You can find a good tutorial for this type of pocket here.

One of the things I like the most is the fabrics I bought for the bag. I’ve found 2 BEAUTIFUL cotton prints at The Workroom in Toronto for the exterior panels and the zippered inside pocket, and then also got a solid matching cotton fabric at Fabricland.

The print cottons are from a collection called ‘La Petite École’ by Moda Fabrics.


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New fabric shoes

Remember these slippers I made a while back? Well… living in an apartment with carpet in almost all rooms, the soles wore out pretty quickly and I ended up having to make a new pair.

I used a Japanese-themed cotton fabric that I got at JoAnn in Buffalo, and for the lining I used a solid brown cotton I had in my stash.

New fabric shoes in Japanese-themed cotton fabric

Again, I covered the buttons with the same exterior fabric:

But this time, I made a washable sole that I attached with velcro. For the sole I used some felted knitted fabric I had from my first experiment with felting. I had made a small bag using Lamb’s Pride bulky in a pretty yellow yarn, threw it in the washing machine for a few minutes and obtained a pretty dense knitted fabric… exactly what I needed for these slippers!

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