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::Fun with macro… and sewing::

I am really behind in showing my sewing and knitting in the past weeks!

My current project being a tank top in a floral cotton voile, while making bias tape for the neckline and armholes, I took a couple of photos using a Micro Nikkor 105mm (macro lens).

Love the results and how you can see the definition of the warp and weft of the fabric!

And a bit more of macro fun? Detail of my sewing machine’s foot and plate, and a 3 inch mosaic bull we got in the amazing Spanish southern city of Ronda.


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He is still alive and growing

Our baby ginkgo is still enjoying our care and attention, and giving us a little bit of green joy every time we look at it.

I am still keeping it inside, because our balcony can be so windy that if it is happy and growing inside, why move it… right?

I wish I had a home with a garden…

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The ‘dry stick’ is waking up!

As people who know us know, we live in an apartment in Toronto. Neither of us ever lived in a house, but we both love to have plants, and back in Buenos Aires our apartment looked more like an urban jungle than a standard city place to live.

I guess we are little by little turning our current home into another garden, and a few days ago, while watering my little green beauties, I noticed that the ‘ginkgo biloba‘ we bought about 2 years ago, and which looked more like a dry stick than a tree, is waking up!

When we bought it during the summer of 2008, it had a few leaves, which according to their own nature, turned from green into that beautiful yellow of the ginkgos, and then fell down.

I like being patient with and taking care of plants, and even though we thought it was a lost cause -after 2 years… you’d think- I guess in the end it paid off.

Today I came back from work feeling really tired, after a hectic week, but looking at this little wonder of Nature, suddenly made me feel relaxed and happy.

Needless to say that this plant is a tree, so unless we move into a house, if this little guy -or girl, not sure about it yet… did you know the ginkgo has 2 different varieties female and male?- continues to grow, we will have to give it to friends who are as much in love with plants as we are, but who also have a garden to take care of it!

Here are a few pictures of our baby ginkgo in all its own growing will and eco-power -bear with me, I am still trying the new Sigma lens on the camera, so my blog looks a lot more colourful than ever-

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A photographic essay on a Sunday

Nothing much to say, other than we had a beautiful sunny day in Toronto. We had lunch with friends and had a great time.

I also got to try a bit more the new lens on the camera, and I am loving it! Now that we came back home, I can show you this:

My favourite fruit


V’s drawing pad

Feet, far and close

First blossoms in our friends’ garden

My cell is old

Glorious blue sky

La terre sur le Ciel

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Playing with a Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens

I have been trying to enhance the quality of the pictures I post on my blog.

I’m in the process of trying different effects and getting pictures that would look more appealing, with a digital camera, but without using Photoshop!

Here are some trials. Click on each of them to see more detail.

1. In the making of a knitting bag that I am using for my projects:

2. And another project bag for small projects:

3. A tote I’ve made using a felted wool fabric and a colorful Japanese-themed cotton print:

4. A beautiful Merino top fibre I have just finished spinning in lace weight:

Now I am trying different settings on the camera for the photos to have more or less depth of field!

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The colours of the Fall in North York

My favorite colours, red, yellow, fading greens…








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I couldn’t help it… she is so cute!

Have you seen the funny, intruding squirrel, who is perfectly on focus on Jackson and Melissa Brandts’ vacation picture?

Here she is:

I want to be in, I want to be in!

I want to be in, I want to be in!, she seems to say...

Well, now thanks to this site, Squirrelizer, at, you can add the little cutie into any picture you want, and you even have parameters to customize her size into the photo.

Here she looks amazed by the beauty of Akumal, Mexico:

Diego, Maria and the little guy

Diego, Maria and the little guy

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