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Needed some mindless knitting

Remember this super wash merino fibre I got at the Black Lamb?

Super wash merino
Super wash merino

Super wash merino winded

I had this yarn in my stash and as I wanted to start an easy ‘mindless knitting’ project, I decided to make a pair of ‘Mitered Mittens’ by Elizabeth Zimmermann. You can find the pattern on her ‘Knitter’s Almanac‘.

I like the simplicity of the design. I did the i-cord cast-on using 4mm double pointed needles, and will continue the mittens using 5 mm needles:

I-cord cast-on for Mitered Mittens using handspun yarn

Detail of the handspun yarn

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Mercè ha recibido el paquete que le envié!

::Dear English speaking visitors: sorry I am blogging entirely in Spanish about this. It is part of the Ravelry ‘Las Hilanderas’ swap I participated in, and I am describing the package I sent to my receipient::

El mismo día en que recibí mi paquete de Bea, supe que Mercè recibió el que yo le envié, ya que era mi sorprendida.

El paquete contenía:

1. La lana hilada por mí, merino y seda en tonos verdes, azules y rosados, son 2 madejas de aproximadamente 295 metros y 270 metros.

2. Más fibra merino y seda de la misma partida, para que Mercè pueda hilar.

3. Mercè mencionó que le gusta hilar ‘lana de oveja, simplemente’, así que le envié unos 100 gr. de fibra Jacob de ‘The Fibre Garden’ ( y que me gustó mucho para que pruebe.

4. También de ‘The Fibre garden’, fibra Falkland en tono rojo con matices en negro.

5. Un patron para tejer ‘Lady Wannabe’ por una de mis diseñadoras favoritas, Tora Froseth, de Noruega. Es un par de guantes que asemejan el calce de guantes de gamuza.

6. Una bolsa con cierre para que pueda guardar su tejido o fibra, hecha con 3 telas diferentes: algodón con florcitas rojas, algodón en color beige y la interior bordó.

Aquí hay algunas fotitos del paquete que mandé especialmente para ella:

El paquete de mi sorpendida, Mercè

El paquete de mi sorpendida, Mercè

Gracias Mercè por la excelente organización del intercambio. Espero se repita pronto!

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He recibido mi paquete del intercambio ‘De Oveja a Oveja’!

::Dear English speaking visitors: sorry I am blogging entirely in Spanish about this. It is part of the Ravelry ‘Las Hilanderas’ swap I participated in, and I am describing the package I received, which by the way, was beautiful::

Querida Bea, amo los regalos que me has enviado.

Paso a detallar:

1. La madeja que has hilado es bellísima, merino y seda 100 gr y unos 358 metros e hilada en huso!!! Preciosa. Dices que es solamente tu tercera madeja y la primera que regalas. No tengo palabras para lo que me gusta. Ahora tengo que encontrar un patrón que la merezca…

2. La fibra que me has enviado es bambú con tintes Iberia en marrón chocolate, caqui y morado. Son éstos los colores de Málaga que te inspiraron, como has dicho en uno de tus comentarios en Ravelry? Pues si es así, Málaga debe ser bellísima. Dices Bea que es tu primera experiencia tiñendo y realmente ni me imagino cómo saldrán tus próximas madejas, pues ésta me fascinó…

3. Además el paquete contenía un tricotín de lo más mono.

4. Unos marcadores de puntos para tejer que también hizo Bea. Divinos. Hasta ahora yo tenía esos de plástico redonditos que no dicen nada, pero los nuevos marcadores que me has enviado dirán: mira qué bonitos somos, estamos aquí en este tejido de lo más felices marcando puntos.

5. Finalmente un hermoso alfiletero para mis momentos de costura, que no son pocos, así que lo voy a usar bastante.

Te agradezco muchísimo la generosidad y la belleza de todo lo que me has enviado!

Mi paquete enviado por Bea desde Málaga

Mi paquete enviado por Bea desde Málaga

Miren qué belleza de madeja y de fibra teñida!

Mi paquete enviado por Bea desde Málaga

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::sneak peak of my spinning for the swap::

I am so excited these days! As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I am participating in a fibre swap organized by Mercè, one of the very talented members of ‘Las Hilanderas’ on Ravelry. This is a very interesting group, where fibre lovers who speak Spanish, but otherwise live around the world, work with different types of fibres, not only spinning them, but also dyeing with natural dyes.

I love the way she has put up the website where she also talks about the swap, ‘De oveja a oveja’ (From sheep to sheep).

So… are you waiting for a small sneak peak of what I am working on for the swap? It is 100 grams of fibre goodness, resulting in about 295 metres of yarn, plus 100 more grams that will be sent as fibre for the recipient to spin and see different results. I am thinking of either doing a 2-ply, or then leave it as-is, as a lace weight single, so the recipient can decide what she prefers to do with it. I really like the results until now.

Here you are:

Merino and silk... yummy!

Merino and silk... yummy!

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Fibre goodness… mmmhhhh… merino and silk

A few weeks ago I got some Ashford Merino/Silk in ‘Cinnamon’ colour, and I have just finished spinning the first 100 grams.

I absolutely love this fibre, so soft and smooth. Remember my ‘sugar candy‘, more of the same fibre in colour ‘Pomegranate’?

I am spinning it in thin singles, but I am not too sure of what I am going to be knitting with it, so I don’t know if I will be doing a 2-ply or a navajo plying to get a 3-ply. That will depend on the pattern I choose.


1. Norwegian designer Tora Froseth’s ‘Roots’, which I got a few weeks ago. I love her very clever use of short rows for the neckwarmer and the mittens to look like roots of trees… lovely. By the way, I love her work! Check out her updated shop here, s’il vous plaît!

2. Another project I would like to start is Torontonian designer Kate Atherley’s lovely ‘Shirakaba Cardigan‘. She named it that way because she used yarn ‘Noro Shirakaba’ for the first time and loved it. This Noro yarn is cotton, silk and wool blend. I think my cardigan might also look pretty in my merino and silk.

3. I am participating in a fibre/handspun yarn swap with a group of Spanish speaking Ravelers, ‘Las Hilanderas’ (The Spinners) (Ravelry link). This is a very interesting group, where fibre lovers who speak Spanish, but otherwise live around the world, work with different types of fibres, not only spinning them, but also dyeing with natural dyes. I think sending yarn handspun using the Ashford fibre can be a pretty gift that a handspinner and knitter might enjoy.

4. … any other ideas?

Oh… and by the way, I have about 400 grams of this lovely fibre, so I will certainly be able to knit more than 1 item!

Look at those colours and the softness… oh… the softness!

Ashford Merino and Silk in 'Cinnamon'

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Sports and crafts on a rainy Saturday

Hi there,

Soccer World Cup 2010 Argentina’s first match finished  -Argentina won 1 to 0 against Nigeria- and I watched it while I was Navajo plying my superwash ‘Melon Fizz’.

Whenever I watch Argentina playing an international match, I get anxious so I HAVE TO do something else at the same time, and what a better thing than doing some handspinning or knitting while I watch the game?

And 2 hours later…

We started watching the third game of the day: England vs. USA, but I did not pay much attention to the match… I was busy finishing the plying, winding and selecting a pattern to use my newly plied yarn.

This is what I chose, the ‘Ruffles Scarf’ by Amanda Blair Brown, published on the  book ‘Scarf Style’. I like the clever effect of the short rows that make up the ruffle. The original scarf on the book is knitted using solid yarn Classic Elite Premiere, but I decided to use my multicolor handspun. We’ll see how it looks after a few rows. This should be a fun project, using fun yarn.

Original picture from the book:

Ruffles scarf - Original

And my first few rows:

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And now it is ‘Lemon Fizz’… would you like some?


I’ve started spinning the other roving I got from EthnicityGoddess on Etsy.

It is one she called ‘Melon Fizz’, and it is a very pretty superwash merino.

I am not sure what I will be knitting with it after I am done with the spinning, though.

The original roving:

This is the stripped roving, ready to start spinning it:

And it is now on Pamina, my Lendrum:

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